WARNING: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical. Health Canada

Hot New Disposable Vapes & Disposable E-Cigarettes

Try these very popular, best selling disposable vapes in Regina. Disposable vapes are very popular because you simple toss the device once the tank is e pry or the battery is dead. Most disposable vapes we sell range from 800-2000 puffs for the average user.

We sell Ghost Disposables, Envi disposables, Breeze Disposables, Allo Disposables to name a few of the top selling e-cigarette disposable vapes on the market. They come refilled with salt nicotine, draw cit aged and ready to use with no charging-right out of the package you can start vaping 

‘Generally a disposable vape will offer a very tight MTL draw that former smokers love because it feels like the draw on a cigarette. Many vipers have grown to love the portability and ease of using disposable e-cigarettes while getting a very satisfying experience as a true alternative to traditional nicotine with a great throat hit that they love.

If you are an e-cigarette user that has a larger device for your everyday use-Disposable  vapes offers your the convenience and discretion of vaping without drawing attention. Disposable vapes have very little cloud production, many do not show any visible lights when used-so total discretion can be achieved during vaping bs dragging your big mod out to get a quick vape.

For new vapers just switching from cigarettes, disposable vapes are a low-cost and enjoyable starter kit for vaping with no coils, no refilling and no stress in learning how to use them. Just open the package, and it’s ready to use-just draw on the device and it delivers a fantastic nicotine flavour instantly.

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