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  • HOHM Slice LE TC 26650 Box Mod - Vape Super Store
  • HOHM Slice LE TC 26650 Box Mod - Vape Super Store
  • HOHM Slice LE TC 26650 Box Mod - Vape Super Store
  • HOHM Slice LE TC 26650 Box Mod - Vape Super Store
  • HOHM Slice LE TC 26650 Box Mod - Vape Super Store
  • HOHM Slice LE TC 26650 Box Mod - Vape Super Store
  • HOHM Slice LE TC 26650 Box Mod - Vape Super Store

Hohm Tech

HOHM Slice LE TC 26650 Box Mod

$85.00 $105.99



The Hohm Slice Limited Edition by Hohmtech is a 26650 powered mod! Utilizing the FSK (Flag Ship Killer) chip developed specifically for their mods. Developed by Hohmtech and 100% engineered in the USA, the Hohm Slice is capable of delivering a true 101 watts! Aside from its high wattage power delivery, the Slice features a micro USB port for upgrading/charging, “no limits” resistance, and temperature control for all metals. The “no limits” resistance feature allows the Slice to go down to ridiculous yet amazing 0.000001 ohms, virtually everything you throw at it will be compatible! Another big claim for the Slice is its temperature control ability with any type of wire, which includes kanthal and nichrome. If you’re looking for an extremely versatile and capable device then the Hohm Slice is a solid choice! This Limited Edition version has engraved symbols that give it a unique and customized look.

  • Temperature Control the "impossible"... KANTHAL, NICHROME, CERAMIC INFUSED & everything else
    • Supports TC (K1) Kanthal, (NiCr) Nichrome, (W) Tungsten, (Ni) Nickel, (Ti)Titanium, (SS 304, 316, 317, 430) Stainless Steel, Ceramic lnfused coils & limits here...
  • Integrated FSK Intellichips execute multiple tasks
    • Supports variable output banding on amperage & wattage adjustments so chip does not fluctuate in wide variations *Result: increased battery life, coils, cotton, and reduces battery amperage stress
  • 101W yep, ONE HUNDO + 1
  • Solo Update & Adaptive Fast Charge Port
    • Supports 1.5hr charge on LE & 4hr on SE
  • Baked ceramic symbol layer
  • Dual-Release point battery door (slide with hand, lift with finger)
  • Battery contact footprint has 47% more surface area than traditional 150W-250W + device average
    • Candidates of measure: Fuchai 200W, Snow Wolf 200W, IPV3-Li 165W, Sigelei 15OW TC. Tesla 160W, WiSmec RX250
    • Eliminates battery contact stress, & battery power spiking
  • Inside & Out 100% engineered and designed in the United States (not just "designed")
  • System menu & instruction manual written by English vapers, in English
  • Concaved FIRE button for finger ergonomics
  • Flatline 0.0000010Ω - 3Ω (run it all! limits here)
  • Full-face push pin with high-tension spring 510
    • Ensures pure contact for utmost energy flow
      • Result: eliminates another energy stress point
  • 64Kb Onboard ROM to handle all computations of proprietary algorithms and EPT: valuations


  1. 101W
  2. 26650 powered
  3. Flatline ohm 0.000001
  4. Temp Control - EVERYTHING (YES, kanthal & ceramic infused too)
  5. Solo Update & Charge port
  6. Adaptive Fast Charge IC
  7. Baked Ceramic Symbol Layer
  8. 31.9% less surface area than Wrecker G2
  9. 4 button system with 3 button layout
  10. Dual-Release point battery door (slide with hand, or lift with finger)
  11. 510 with deep pocket & high tensile pin
  12. Engineered in California...not just “designed”
  13. 500 DAY WARRANTY


  • Chip: FSK1, TC-XT Series (T24SMX v3.2)
  • Battery: 26650-powered
  • Temp Control: Ni, SS, Ti, NiCr, K, W, & Ceramic Infused (YES, temp control EVERYTHING. No limits here)
  • Wattage Output; 10W -101W (all modes)
  • Voltage Output; FSK1 Intellichip,  automation
  • Temperature Range: 200°F - 700°F (93°C - 372°C)
  • Ohm Resistance Range: Flatline - 0.000001Ω - 3Ω
  • Temp/Watt Increments:0.1 (10-49.9: WATTS MODE)
  • 1.0(50-101: WATTS MODE)
  • 1.0°C (TEMP MODE)
  • 10.0°F (TEMP MODE)

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