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  • Elder people successfuly quiting smoking with vaping Vapesuper store Regina
  • Vaping helps seniors quit smoking Vapesuperstore Regina

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Vaping For Elders



More and more seniors have found vaping
to be their long-awaited key to quitting

More elderly smokers are discovering that vaping may be the key to ending their addiction once and for all.

The ease of use for the New Pod devices is very small, just put it to your mouth and inhale-no complex buttons or complex filling systems. Seniors with difficulty opening jars, seeing small holes like a needle-will love the new devices because they come pre-filled so you don't have to worry.

Holding the device is not that much different than holding a cigarette and about the same size with the new POD Systems.  For seniors wanting to give vaping a try, the Pod systems are reasonably priced and come in different nicotine strengths to match your smoking habits. The devices last a very long time and are simple to carry with you anywhere.

Vaping is a choice that senior smokers may wish to consider as a less expensive option as vaping is over 1/3 less expensive than cigarettes. It’s an easy choice that may bring long, lasting benefits to seniors across the country.

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