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  • Tarot Nano 80W Box Mod - Vape Super Store
  • Tarot Nano 80W Box Mod - Vape Super Store
  • Tarot Nano 80W Box Mod - Vape Super Store


Tarot Nano 80W Box Mod

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Stainless Steel

Vaporesso has jam-packed features of the Tarot Nano 80W temp control-A huge success for Vaporesso and one of our most popular mods.

From one of the most favorite brands in design within the market, the Tarot nano 80w box mod is the highlight and crowned accomplishment for Vaporesso. The Vaporesso Tarot nano is the most sophisticated still powerful mod developed by Vaporesso to date. The Tarot nano box mod is a lightweight 2500mah built-in battery unit capable of producing as much as 80 watt of power. The highest wattage that the Vaporesso Tarot nano proposes is 80 watts. Nevertheless, it delivers an adjustable output wattage range of 5 to 80 watts. The device can also works with atomizers all the way down to 0.15 ohms in TC mode and standard mode. The Vaporesso 80w box mod is powered by built-in 2500mAh battery to authorize for lengthy vaping without a continual requirement to charge.
Enormous power, temperature control, and ridiculous minimum resistance will certainly meet your wishes. Introducing an economical top quality box mod with attractive appearance and strong output, the Vaporesso tarot nano 80w box mod is really a flagship platform with fantastic balance. I’ve ve got the news, the most innovative box mod from Vaporesso is one of our best selling mods.
Vaporesso 80 watt temperature control box mod with 2500mah built-in battery


Because the Tarot Nano is much shorter than the Tarot Pro, it has a better center of gravity. No worries about this one tipping over as easily like the Pro. But they both are thin.
•The Taro Nano is small (compared to something like the OSUB Plus). It’s just 69 mm x 38 mm x 22.5 mm. For the metric system-challenged (for which I am the president), it’s just 2.7 inches tall, and not even an inch and a half wide!
•The diameter is 22.5 millimeters, but anything like a 24 millimiters will be too much. 22.5 millimeters or under is my suggestion. Consider how thin this mod is. It should not carry too wide a load up top.
•Accessing the various modes is easy. CCT or CCW is accessed by three quick presses of the bottom (mode) button, and the other modes require holding down the mode button for like two seconds and repeating that process.
•There is no wattage adjustment in TC (like some other mini mods with TC).
•In CCT or CCW mode, the wattage will not be visible, just the curve pattern you set.
•The +/- buttons move quickly. It goes from fast to faster, but single presses go up by .1 increments.
•Smart VW mode only works with kanthal coiled-atomizers. If using an Ni, SS or Ti coil, you have to set the mod to the correct mode or adjust your own TCR. It would be nice if Smart mode worked for TC coils too, but there is already more to this mod than I could ask for!
•While charging from a dead battery, this mod jumps to 60% in 5 minutes, it’s at 75% after 40 minutes, and is finished charging in about one hour 50 minutes. Not bad. I doubt that initial 60% was really 60%, but the full charge is still fairly quick for 2500 mAh.

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