Level X Compatible Pods

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    Prefilled disposable vape Level X Compatible pods full of Nicotine Salt e-liquid. These are cross-compatible pods from top-selling brands such as Flavour Beast, Drip'n, Rupuf X, Gcore, STLTH, Vice Loop, and Spin Fizz X.

    How these work is very simple. You purchase a rechargeable battery for approximately $8-$11 and you can choose pre-filled pods ranging from 5000 to 12,000 Puffs from any of these incredible brands. Mix and match across all brands while saving money. Pods that are Level X compatible. 

    • Flavour Beast
    • Beast Unleashed
    • Level X Essentials
    • Spin Fizz X
    • STLTH Loop (Only Compatible with Adapter)
    • VICE Loop (Only Compatible with Adapter)
    62 products
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