Rufpuf Ripper Turbo Plus 20k Disposable Vapes

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    This upgraded style of the ripper turbo comes prefilled with 20mL of e-liquid to produce up to 20,000 Puffs.

    To start, the Ripper Turbo Plus 20K Disposable Vape houses a massive, long lasting 700mAh battery that is rechargeable via the Type-C Charge Port. The dual mesh coil system delivers pungent and consistent flavours, until the very last puff.

    In addition, the RufPuf Ripper Turbo Plus 20K disposable vape features TWO power modes. Regular mode fires at 14w and has regular airflow, while TURBO mode fires 20W with higher airflow. Not to mention, the RufPuf Ripper Turbo Plus 20K has a LED screen to display real time battery and juice levels, as well as what mode you are in. 

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