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Find a collection of the best weed/ herb grinders at Vapexcape Regina, We have multiple sizes and brands sure to suit every wallet and lifestyle. With everything from grinder cards to 3” 4 piece metal grinders we will be sure to help you get those cannabis buds ground up!
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Why do you grind marijuana??

Rolling a joint or packing a bowl of cannabis that burns properly is a skill that is to be admired. There’s nothing worse than watching an unburned hit of prime bud disappear down the stem of the bong, or a fat cone that furiously burns down one side once it has been lit (a.k.a. canoeing). Proper preparation of your smoking material can prevent such problems. So, in case you’ve ever wondered “Why do people grind weed with a grinder?” or why grind weed at all?

We have the answers!

Grinding your nugs will shred them up into smaller pieces making it burn more evenly, more evenly burning means your getting the most out of the cannabinoids and terpenes when your smoking.

Using a grinder makes this process simple, just stick your bud in and twist! Grinders that have a chamber to store your ground up bud are also nice because it contains it to one spot when grinding.

Go a step further and get a grinder with an extra chamber to collect kief, these will also have a screen between the chamber for your cannabis and the kief trap. Kief being the THC trichomes off your buds, this will be an extremely potent fine powder, great for topping bowls or adding an extra little kick to joints!

We also carry sift boxes if your looking to take your kief collecting even further!
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