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    At Vapexcape/Vape SuperStore Regina you will discover a unique collection of vape mods, electronic cigarettes and complete vape starter kits. We carry a large selection of the newest and coolest mods from top quality manufactures such as
    and more!

    What is a vape mod?
    Mods are the part that holds the batteries and has all the components to attach your tank to and will also have the chip, Allowing your device to charge, adjust wattage, and send power to the tank.

    Why would you buy a mod vs a kit?
    We sell a good amount of devices in both kits and separate parts (tanks,mods) the reason for this is expandability or being able to replace tanks or mods if something breaks. A lot of time you want more battery life but already have a tank you like, so instead of buying a whole kit you can just buy a mod with either a bigger built in battery, 2 batteries, or bigger batteries.

    Why do so many mods require external batteries?
    The best reason for this is because all batteries have a life span. As batteries get old they get weaker, and with replaceable batteries you can prolong the life of your device. Replace the batteries and its like a new vape again.
    Also if you need more battery life, you can get an bay charger and extra batteries, so you can always keep extra charged ones ready to put in. 

     We also offer free shipping anywhere in Canada on orders over $100.00!

    13 products
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