Mind Blown Vape E-Liquid

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    Mind Blown Vape E-Liquid recreates some of the world's most well known candy gummies. Everyone knows those Sour Patchy Drip Candy's. Well they took those flavors and made them vapeable! With truly amazing flavors that topple the competition!

    Mind Blown Vape E-Liquid Flavours:

    Patchy Drips- The Original Tart Patchy Drips

    Patchy Drips Tropical- Take The Original Patchy Drips but add tropical fruits coated in sugar instead!

    Super Patchy Drips- The Original Tart Patchy Drips with a sour kick that no one expects!

    Shop Mind Blown Vapes E-Juice & Nic Salts (Canada) here at Regina Vapexcape. All Mind Blown Vape Premium E-Liquid is made with a 70/30 VG/PG ratio. 

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