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    SnowPlus Lite is everything you need in a closed pod system! This lightweight durable little device will take you through everyday living without failing with its powerful 400mAh battery, and 300 puff per charge. SnowPlus Pod contains 1.5ml of vape juice and is transparent for easy viewing of how much E-liquid is left so you never get a dry hit.

    Everyday Usage - Designed with smokers in mind. The SnowPlus Lite provides the perfect tight, restricted inhale that is familiar to the inhale of traditional cigarettes, Utilizing a 400mAh lithium-ion battery and a 1.5ml pod, and an incredibly easy to use experience. taking only 1½ to recharge. Most users will experience an exceptional vaping experience for the entire day and more!!

    Experience Premium Vape Flavours - Each SnowPlus Pod is designed to be used and tossed when emptied providing a simple, no mess user experience like no other. This also helps maintain product quality and a positive user experience. Each pack of SnowPlus Pod contains 3 prefilled pods, each containing 1.5ml of liquid and 20mg of nicotine per ml.

    SnowPlus Premium Pods:

    Frozen Ophelia - A Mouth Watering Mango, Strawberry, cactus with a hint of Kiwi. Chilled to perfection.

    Patchy - A Perfect blend of sweet and sour. mouthwatering sour treats, lightly sour sugar-coated with a fruit gummy explosion.

    Fuji Mama - A blend of crisp Fuji apples, ripe berries, and mouthwatering nectarines.

    Island - rich tropical Mango with Pineapples for the most exotic flavour that will keep reminding you of summer all year round!!


    • TrueFeel cartridge technology
    • Consistent and constant vaping without dry hits
    • Magnetic pod attachment
    • Lightweight - 21g(w/o pod)
    • Battery capacity: 400mAh
    • Battery rated: 300 puffs
    • LED battery indicator
    • Shell material: anodized aluminum
    • Size: 104mm x 20mm x 12mm
    • Micro USB charge port
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