WARNING: Vaping products contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical. Health Canada

Vape Pod Kits

Vapexcape/Vape SuperStore Regina has a huge variety of pod kits and pod mods, Everything from small refillable, none adjustable autodraw devices all the way to 80 watt 3000 mah built in battery pod mod kits.

Where do you even start?

A none adjustable refillable device is going to be a good place to start or a good step from disposables or something like the STLTH. These devices tend to be the smallest size devices, With a refillable pod but no wattage or airflow to adjust.

Why do you want to adjust your vape?

Adjustment in vapes either airflow or wattage settings will significantly change the way the device draws or hits. Airflow adjustments can take you from the really tight mouth to lung, similar to a cigarette draw. All the way up to the more open direct to lung draw. More air and more heat will mean more vapor usually resulting in bigger puffs. Finding the right mix between wattage and airflow allows you to dial in the vape to your personal preferences.

What is a vape pod?

Vape pods are the part that holds the juice, Usually going to a have a smaller capacity than tanks. Pods also come in 2 variants, built in coils and replaceable coils. Ones with replaceable coils are very similar to a tank but take the smaller form factor of most pod devices. Ones with built in coils are closer to a disposable, Usually good for about 5-10 fills and you replace the whole pod this is convenient as there is less mess.

What is a pod mod?

Pod Mods are were the 2 worlds kind of come together, Big powerful mod devices and small pod kits meet in the middle. These are going to be a little bigger in most cases, will have a pretty wide coil selection and different pods to suit different coil varieties. Bigger battery and larger juice capacity in the pod make them a good option if you want a bit more than a pod but don’t want the bigger size of a mod kit.

We carry pods and pod mod kits from top tier manufactures like:

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