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Explore our selection of UWELL Vape products, including the newest vape pod kits, starter kits, replacement pods, and coils, available at Vape SuperStores in Canada. Our UWELL products are also designed to be compatible with a variety of other UWELL devices, providing versatility and convenience for any vaping needs. Make sure to visit our website to find out which coils and pods are compatible with your specific device.

As an industry expert, we guarantee that our collection is completely authentic and backed by a UWELL Warranty, ensuring the utmost quality in your vaping experience. Our commitment to providing the best products at affordable prices is unmatched in Canada.

How long do UWELL pods last?

Each and every vape will experience a different length of time on how long there pods will last them. Ideally pods should last between 5-10 days, this is not a set life span but a rough idea many users experience a longer life then this.

Many factors can contribute to pods longevity like:

  • Power Level
  • Usage Frequency
  • E-Liquid Thickness
  • Maintenance Practices
  • Type of juices used

The later places a important role in coil life Tobaccos and Mints/ Ice flavours are really easy on coils where as Fruits and Sweet flavours tend to decrease pods life span.

How do you clean UWELL Vape devices?

The process of cleaning your pods is crucial in maintaining proper airflow and consistent firing of you vape device. To effectively remove any trapped liquid or dirt, use a soft tissue, paper towel, or cotton bud to gently wipe the base of the pod and around where the pod or coil makes contact with the battery. This will prevent the build-up of excess e-liquids over time.

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