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    These are the  STLTH LOOP PODS that fit the LOOP closed pod device. The Loop system consists of a reusable battery and you choose any of the 17 flavors in their disposable Loop pods. Only the pods are disposable which reduces your cost of vaping.

    These disposable pods are pre-filled with 10ml of your favorite STLTH flavors which last for approximately 5000 puffs. This rechargeable device includes an LED indicator which displays your battery life so you know when to charge. It uses a fast-charging USB Type C which is super convenient to replace because they are sold everywhere.

    The STLTH Loop pods include a vertical mesh coils to deliver the performance, satisfaction, and convenience of disposable vapes while reducing waste and enhancing affordability. 


    • Designed for the STLTH Loop Device
    • Up to 5000 puffs
    • Vertical Mesh Coil
    • 20 mg/mL
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