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    Introducing VICE LOOP PODS which are pre-filled with 10ml of your favorite flavors. This 10ml of salt vape juice is approximately 5000 puffs which are exclusively compatible with the STLTH LOOP Closed Pod System. This is a rechargeable vape device with easy pod replacement. It delivers the performance, satisfaction, and convenience of disposable vapes.

    Closed pod devices reduce waste and enhance affordability because you keep the battery and only buy  the pods. 


    • Designed for the STLTH Loop Device
    • Up to 5000 puffs
    • Available in 10 flavours
    • Vertical Mesh Coil
    • Includes Five Pod Packs Per Carton
    • Includes 1x10 mL Vice Loop Pod Per Pack
    • 20 mg/mL
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