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    Twist Salt is a well-known Brand across The world and we all know why. Their flavors are out of this world, They create juice's no one has done before. From Teas to Frosted sugar pastries. 

    Twist Salt E-Liquid Flavours:

    Twist Salt Tea Raspberry Rize- A beautiful Raspberry Rize Steeped Tea!

    Twist Tea Salt Iced Raspberry Rize- A beautiful Raspberry Rize Steeped Tea with ice cubes to cool off your exhale!

    Twist Tea Salt Iced Ceylon Mango- An intoxicating favored light tea, Mango & blossoms are blended with superior black tea leaves to produce an uplifting flavor as you inhale and a kick of menthol as your exhale!

    Twist Salt Watermelon Madness- Juicy Watermelon and lemon Beverage!

    Shop Twist Nic Salts & E-Juice  (Canada) here at Regina Vapexcape. All Twist Premium E-Liquid is made with a 50/50 VG/PG ratio.

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